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Moscovici on Luxembourg’s Corporate Tax System: Tweeting out of context

We probably need to get used to politicians using Twitter as a communication channel, discussing highly complicated topics in a very simplified manner within a 140 character…
- by Oliver R. Hoor


The Misuse of EU Rules in the Name of Tax Justice: Comparing Apples to Burgers

The Apple case has shot EU state aid rules into the headlines. It finishes the metamorphosis of State Aid from what was seen as a somewhat dull back-room legal field into a…
- by Keith O’Donnell


5 minutes to bring you up to speed on the Common Reporting Standard

- by Jamal Afakir


Great Tax Paradoxes: The EU Commission

In Greek and Roman mythology, Janus is the god of gates and doors. He has two faces: one which looks to the future and another one which looks to the past. It is the image I…
- by Keith O’Donnell