Integration is the key to your success

How we work

Meeting the individual needs and requirements of our clients is of paramount importance. Striving towards excellence, we are firmly committed to building and maintaining a relationship of trust and confidentiality with our clients.

The main driver behind our story is our clients – we asked them what they needed when establishing and managing a company in Luxembourg, and then, we listened to them.

We learned that today’s clients need a dependable service provider who can offer a complete and customised package of tools and technologically-forward solutions.

In a traditional set-up, time, information and money is lost when trying to coordinate between different teams of advisers, accountants, lawyers and other corporate professionals. ATOZ Services offers a streamlined and cost-efficient solution – a central point of contract and access to a team of industry leaders and recognised experts who can make sure your Luxembourg project is primed for success.

From the tax efficient design of an investment structure to the operational and corporate implementation, as well as day-to-day management and administration, ATOZ Services is able to offer a truly comprehensive service, accompanying clients through the entire life cycle of their investments.


How we work