Preparing, filing and managing your direct and indirect tax requirements.

Luxembourg direct tax return preparation

  • Preparation of Luxembourg direct tax returns for entities subject to corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net worth tax
  • Computation and/or review of tax provisions before approval of the annual accounts
  • E-filing of tax returns
  • Management and follow-up of direct tax payments
  • Review of tax statements sent by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities
  • Analysis of tax assessments and appeal in case of discrepancies between tax statements and filed tax returns
  • Assistance and support during audits performed by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities

Luxembourg indirect tax return preparation

  • VAT registration and deregistration with relevant Tax Authorities
  • Preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns
  • Preparation and filing of European Sales Lists (ESL) for goods and/or services
  • Assistance and support during audits performed by the Luxembourg VAT Authorities
  • Review and analysis of VAT statements
  • Management and follow-up of VAT payments


Jean-Michel Chamonard
Jean-Michel Chamonard
Managing Partner


Emilie Bruguiere
Emilie Bruguière

Partner - Head of Direct Tax Compliance


Mireille Rodius
Mireille Rodius

Partner - Head of VAT Compliance