Managing day-to-day operations so you can focus on your core business

Our solutions

We provide a complete range of corporate services and management services that can be customised to fit different client requirements, preferences, and constraints. With an experienced team of industry professionals, we quickly identify exactly what our clients need to ensure that their Luxembourg business is successful. We accompany our clients through each step of this process, and beyond.


Our solutions :

Business plan concept & support

Business Plan Concept & Support

Building a custom Luxembourg business plan and following it through to success. 

Business planning

  • Understand your group operating model
  • Analyse overall market conditions
  • Identify your existing processes and resources
  • Identify appropriate structures in the light of local constraints and your group requirements (based on our proprietary database)
  • Determine associated set-up and running costs
  • Define a scalable business platform

Business implementation

  • Draft internal processes and procedures
  • Act as your lead adviser in the recruitment process and office selection, as well as for tax and corporate implementation
  • Liaise, as required, with local regulators
Incorporation and implementation

Incorporation and Implementation

Helping you fulfil all regulatory obligations to set-up your business in Luxembourg.

Initial company set-up 

  • Incorporation of corporate companies, setting up branches or representation offices
  • Draft of the articles of association
  • Coordination with local Notaries
  • Assistance in obtaining business or professional authorisation
  • Tax registration

Bank account opening and management 

  • Assistance with the bank account opening process, web banking access and full KYC documentation
  • Coordination of the communication flow with local banks
  • Management of wire instructions and signatures collection
  • Bank statement and cash reconciliation
  • Maintenance of the signatory list
Domiciliation & Administration Services

Domiciliation & Administration Services

Day-to-day administration of your company in Luxembourg.

  • Provision of companies with registered address and management headquarters or dedicated office space
  • Handling of day-to-day operations of the companies
  • Drafting of any corporate document that is required to fulfil as per the corporate object of the company
  • Filing of any corporate information with the local authorities
  • Dealing with any publication requirements and legal formalities
  • Assistance with the decision-making process (i.e. organisation of board meetings, shareholders meetings…)
  • Drafting of meeting minutes
  • Execution and follow-up of decisions taken by the board members or the shareholders at the meetings
  • Overall coordination of third party relationships
  • Coordination with local banks and other professionals (auditors, notaries, advisers…)
  • Execution of formal registration with local authorities
  • Maintenance of registers
  • Maintenance and archiving of corporate documents and records as required by Luxembourg corporate law (electronic and hard copy corporate data)
  • Management of correspondence (mailing in and out)


Appointing the right expert for your business.

  • Provision of directorships (Luxembourg resident directors with industry knowledge and experience in your field)
  • Permanent involvement in day-to-day operations
  • Representation of the entity with on-going relationship with third parties
  • Bringing the relevant governance requirements
Accounting & reporting services

Accounting & Reporting Services

Managing your company bookkeeping and fulfilling your reporting requirements.

  • Advice on specific accounting treatments
  • Accounting memorandum drafting
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping of the company operations
  • Preparation of periodical reporting (under Luxembourg GAAP, IFRS or US GAAP)
  • Interest calculation, invoicing and communication
  • Preparation of forecasts and cash flow statements
  • Specific investors reporting (INREV reporting, analytical reporting, …)
  • Design of tailor-made reports
  • Preparation of central bank reporting and other regulatory reports
  • Preparation of statutory annual accounts in compliance with Luxembourg GAAP rules
  • Preparation of annual and interim consolidated financial statements in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP, US GAAP or IFRS
  • Assistance with group and local auditors (including the preparation and follow-up of audit trails)
  • Conversion from local GAAP to foreign GAAP
  • Preparation of financial information for deal purposes
  • Production of liquidation accounts
  • Information on and assistance with any accounting issues
Tax compliance services

Tax Compliance Services

Preparing, filing and managing your direct and indirect tax requirements.

Luxembourg Direct Tax Return Preparation

  • Preparation of Luxembourg direct tax returns for entities subject to corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net worth tax
  • Computation and/or review of tax provisions before approval of the annual accounts
  • E-filing
    • We have developed a proprietary software suite, which is able to generate the documents necessary to file Luxembourg tax returns electronically. This method can save your business nearly 3 hours per direct tax return. We can offer either a full e-filing service package or a tool & assistance kit depending on your needs
  • Management and follow-up of direct tax payments
  • Review of tax statements sent by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities
  • Analysis of tax assessments and appeal in case of discrepancies between tax statements and filed tax returns
  • Assistance and support during audits performed by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities

Luxembourg Indirect Tax Return Preparation

  • VAT registration and deregistration with the relevant Tax Authorities
  • Preparation and filing of (monthly, quarterly and annual) VAT returns
  • Preparation and filing of European Sales Lists (ESL) for goods and/or services
  • Assistance and support during audits performed by the Luxembourg VAT Authorities
  • Review and analysis of VAT statements
  • Management and follow-up of VAT payments